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Welcome to the Pocono Pistol Range

 Buchanan Gunsmithing
and Custom Firearms, LLC
                                    Licensed FFL
                   Accredited Gunsmith / Certified Armorer







 Hourly Service Charge        $45.00
Minimum Charge Per Gun        $45.00
Clean and Oil Hand Gun        $45.00
Complete Service (Completely Strip Hand Gun)        $70.00
Clean and Oil Double Barrel (Completely Strip Shot Gun)        $55.00
Complete Service (Completely Strip Shot Gun)        $90.00
Clean and Oil Gun (Long Gun)        $55.00
Complete Service (Long Gun)        $90.00
Test Fire Customers Gun (Ammunition NOT included)        $45.00
Written Appraisal        $45.00
Written Estimate (will be discounted from final cost of work completed)        $45.00


Semi-Automatic Handgun

Action Work (Clean & Smooth Action) Does NOT include parts.     $125.00
Refit New Barrel (Cost of Barrel Not Included)        $90.00
Install Beavertail Grip Safety (Does NOT include cost of parts)    $100.00
Bob Hammer Spur         $100.00
Install Compensator        $200.00
Bevel Magazine Well        $65.00
Polish Feed Ramp & Barrel of Semi Automatic           $65.00
Re-cut Feed Ramp to Correct Feeding Problems           $85.00


Phone: (866) 562-2520


Five Star Shooting Range

We have been awarded the highest honor available:
a 5 star rating

The National Association of Shooting Ranges has created a rating system for target shooting facilities and distinguishes these ranges as the best at providing quality-level recreational experiences.  Facilities can earn up to five star based on an evaluation of 6 criteria: appearance, customer/member focus, customer/member development, management, community relations and amenities.