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 Buchanan Gunsmithing
and Custom Firearms, LLC
                                    Licensed FFL
                   Accredited Gunsmith / Certified Armorer







 Hourly Service Charge        $45.00
Minimum Charge Per Gun        $45.00
Clean and Oil Hand Gun        $45.00
Complete Service (Completely Strip Hand Gun)        $70.00
Clean and Oil Double Barrel (Completely Strip Shot Gun)        $55.00
Complete Service (Completely Strip Shot Gun)        $90.00
Clean and Oil Gun (Long Gun)        $55.00
Complete Service (Long Gun)        $90.00
Test Fire Customers Gun (Ammunition NOT included)        $45.00
Written Appraisal        $45.00
Written Estimate (will be discounted from final cost of work completed)        $45.00


Semi-Automatic Handgun

Action Work (Clean & Smooth Action) Does NOT include parts.     $125.00
Refit New Barrel (Cost of Barrel Not Included)        $90.00
Install Beavertail Grip Safety (Does NOT include cost of parts)    $100.00
Bob Hammer Spur         $100.00
Install Compensator        $200.00
Bevel Magazine Well        $65.00
Polish Feed Ramp & Barrel of Semi Automatic           $65.00
Re-cut Feed Ramp to Correct Feeding Problems           $85.00


Phone: (866) 562-2520


Range Hours

Mon - Sun: 10am - 6pm


Mike, Laura & Danny
“We just wanted to express our sincere thanks for the support, instruction & friendship that you afford us as patrons at your range”
William & Billy A.
“My son & I enjoyed our first experience at your range. Your operation is quite impressive…clean, well equipped & very safe. Your staff made the trip worthwhile!”
Al H. (Retired Detective, Phila PD)
“You are doing something very right at the range…the staff is friendly & helpful with better than average customer service, I will be back often”
David & Sarah
Cheshire, England
“Passion & pleasure should always run hand in hand & it was a real pleasure to shoot at Pocono Pistol”
Carol S.
“Thank you for the opportunity to take the Women’s Defensive Pistol Course. The classroom and practical shooting applications were excellent. I now feel more comfortable & confident while carrying my pistol”
Andy & John S.
“My son & I had a blast at the technical shoot. We were both first time shooters at the range but will definitely be back for more! Keep up the good work in promoting our sport”
Edgar R.
"Special thanks to the entire staff, our family had an awesome time & most importantly experienced the best customer service. Thanks for educating novices, we needed it!"
Robert B.
"One of the Best range's around! Absolutely fantastic customer service, clean, knowledgeable, and supportive. I found it very interesting on how they go the extra mile to reinforce the simple concepts of safety, so that everyone may go home after having fun. Extra thanks to Mike, and Gunny!"
Jay K.
"I want to give a special thank you to Dean at the range. It being our first time he was very, very helpful, patient and knowledgeable working with us in our lane last Saturday. He is a definite asset to your club. Thanks again for a great time! "